How to care for bamboo fabric?

New fabrics can make us nervous and it is important to find out how to care for bamboo fabric before your first purchase. Especially when the aim is to give your newborn that extra protection. 

Bamboo fabric became the new best friend of every mum that wish to give her baby the highest quality clothes and bedding. Bamboo fabric is known for its soft, antibacterial properties. Therefore caring for bamboo fabric is really at the core of your cleaning. It has a natural pH level. This means it is in a perfect balance with the baby skin and does not create an opportunity for any bacterial infections. Human skin is the largest organ and an ecosystem that protects your child’s immune system against hostile intruders. The use of natural antibacterial fabric is an investment worth every price and knowledge of how to care for bamboo fabric is gold.


Here are some tips on how to take care of your bamboo fabrics:


It is best to use a mild detergent. Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial. It does not need much of the chemicals to make it clean. Use a gentle cool or warm washing cycle. Bamboo doesn't need hot washing this can damage the fabric.

Very soiled items can be pre-soaked and washed with the warm cycle. No hot washing is needed, no matter how stained the fabric is. You can use an enzyme stain remover or soak it in the water mixed with vinegar. Do not use any chlorine stain remover. It will discolour and damage the fabric.


As you know already bamboo prefers colder treating. Make sure you use mild settings and you remover it earlier than other clothes. Natural drying, outdoor and indoor will be the best option if you can.

Ironing shouldn’t be necessary but if so, use the lowest heat level.

Don’t panic! The best rule for all bamboo products is cool and cold treatment. That’s all you need to remember, and all items will last you for longer than you even dream. 

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