Perfect baby blanket for the colder season

baby christmas hat in the blanket

Vitamin D deficiency, colds, blocked noses and coughs are the nightmare of every parent caring for newborn baby.  The newborn's immune is weak and volatile. The temperature in the building is hot and dry and outside cold, windy and rainy. Uninvited and hostile for several months ahead cannot stop us from daily tasks. That is why choosing the perfect baby blanket for colder season is so important. There are several factors to consider, and we will gather all we know about the subject before you pick the right type.

When autumn arrives, it is essential to get the right baby blanket ready for every occasion. Jumping from building to car and car to another building can require different cover every day depending on the weather forecast. Although caring for a baby can give you an impression every day is the same, there is a sixth sense needed to go through parenting in a relaxed, happy way.


Home & Bedroom

Choose fitted sheets and cotton blankets over the duvets. One-piece footed suits blankets are one of the best choices when it comes to safety. The right temperature is crucial, and it should be between 16-20 degrees. The warmer the room, the least lyres of clothing or bedding baby need. Cotton blanket, as well as the bamboo blanket, are a perfect baby blanket for the colder season. They have a breathable structure and regulate the baby temperature disallowing overheating. They also lock the moisture keeping baby nice and dry, so have few handy to exchange every few days.

Those type of blankets is useful as the floor mat during the day. Bear in mind they do not keep your baby warm and protected while lying on the hard floor. The swaddle blanket is thicker and better to use on the floor. This way the use of blanket is extended for another few months. Bonus!  

baby sleeping under the pink blossom blanket

Outdoor walks

Winer should not stop parents from small and big walks. Baby immune system needs as many contacts with the outside world as possible. Living in a sterile bubble is not suitable for raising a healthy child, and everyday walking helps your baby gradually prepare for even more significant health challenges. Sun in the winter can give a nice warm feel, and it is crucial to building the vitamin D level too. Not just the baby will benefit but parents also. Especially mums that recover from birth. Walking increase happy hormones and help to get back into shape. Happy mum- a happy child, they say.

baby boy laying under the bamboo blanket

Swaddle blanket will be our best choice for those babies that love to feel wrapped. The thick layer should make it the perfect baby blanket for the colder season. Let the little one sleep as you stroll to the coffee shop or walks through your favourite park. It will serve as the playmat at your friend's home.

A layered blanket like Lajlo offers will also serve well in the colder season. Minky fabric is known from its heat insulation properties. The thick layer of the filler inside the blanket keeps the baby warm even in the cold winter evening when walking back from the restaurant. So what is your perfect baby blanket for the colder season?