Should your baby sleep with a pillow?

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There are children's cushions of various types, shapes and colours on the market. How to find a right pillow that will provide the child with comfort during sleep, right size and shape? Should an infant have a pillow under the head?

Basically, it is assumed that until the child reaches the age of 2, the baby should sleep on a hard surface without additional support. Such requirements are mainly for security reasons. At first, the new-born baby cannot change the position during sleep, so additional items in the cot are too dangerous for him.

The first pillow for a baby should be fully flat and well-matched to the child's anatomy. For safety reasons, it is worth remembering that the child should not sleep on more than one pillow and that there should not be too many toys around. The question is when to introduce the first baby cushion? Certainly, every child is different and therefore it is worth observing them assess whether he/she is ready to use it.


Pillow fabric

The fabric is responsible for the pillow’s hardness and usefulness. The higher the quality of the fabric the longer the pillow will hold the shape and serve its purpose. Equal attention should be put when choosing both the cover and the filler.

Pillow stuffing

It is worth choosing hypoallergenic fabrics because they are resistant to the mould, fungi and mites. This is the best solution for children who suffer from allergies or asthma. A good quality product will be a cushion filled with polyester, because it is durable, free from unpleasant odours, and at the same time it retains its shape much longer than natural fibres. A cushion for a baby with a polyester filling will be hard and firm at the same time, making it a good choice for a baby cot. The feather and down filling should be avoided because it will be too soft and dangerous for the toddler.

External cover

It is very important to pay attention to when choosing a pillow for a baby. The outer material, which will have direct contact with the delicate head of the child, must be soft, pleasant to touch and easy to keep clean. A good choice will be a pillow combining cotton and minky, as it will facilitate the circulation of air, and in addition, will ensure comfortable maintenance. Cotton does not contain harmful toxins such as pesticides, dyes and bleaches, which are often used in the production of other fabrics.

Hard vs. soft material

When choosing a cushion, it is worth paying attention to whether the material is flexible and remembers the child's body shape. This allows your child to gain a natural, stable position during sleep. Before buying, try to assess the hardness of the pillow. To do this, check how quickly after pressing the cushion in the middle, it will regain its shape. If the cushion does not move, it is a sign that it is too soft and dangerous for the child, and if it takes a few minutes to get back to its shape, it is a sign that it is too stiff and unpleasant for the child.


Before buying a cushion for a baby it is also worth checking if the product has the right certificates. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate "Trustworthy textiles" is the most frequently used and the most common. This designation proves that the inflatable cushion has been made of child-safe materials and has undergone many rigorous tests to get them.

The size of the pillow

Pillows dedicated to young children are produced in various sizes. They are smaller than the adult size. It is very important that the child does not sleep on the ordinary pillow, because it does not have the same proportions as the adult’s head, and the wrong size will only unnecessarily burden the neck and shoulders. This, in turn, can lead not only to discomfort but also to the development of poor posture.

Travel pillow

Just as important as when you sleep in a cot is to provide adequate support for the baby's head during strolls or car travel. The butterfly's anti-shock cushion will work perfectly. Thanks to its shape, it perfectly adapts to the child's head, it allows to reduce shocks while driving, and at the same time presents itself very well. In turn, a cushion pillow will work as a travel cushion for slightly older children. It will provide full stability while driving and high comfort.

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 The winner is…

 Choosing the best cushion for a child is not difficult, if only we follow a few important rules and use our common sense. The child's body needs to rest during sleep, so the pillow must be properly sized for the size and position of the body. When your child gets older, teach them to put the pillow under your head and neck - not under your arms, because it causes the spine to be incorrectly positioned. A properly selected cushion will not only ensure a good rest but will also reduce the risk of postural defects.