[High Quality Handmade Baby Accessories Online] - Lajlo
[High Quality Handmade Baby Accessories Online] - Lajlo


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Dimensions: 106x106x40cm 

Foam thickness: 6cm

Bottom foam thickness: 2cm

The pool is filled with 400 plastic balls. The diameter of the ball is 7cm. 



  • Selection of amazing colours to suit every room
  • Removable cover that can be washed at 30C
  • We use only certified fabrics and non-toxic plastic


Balls colour available:

Clear, White, Pearl White, Grey, Metallic Grey, Baby Pink, Dirty Pink, Pink, Metallic Pink, Violet, Light Mint, Dark Mint, Turquoise, Metallic Turquoise, Aquamarine, Baby Blue, Light Blue, Blue, Metallic Blue, Black, Beige, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Red.