[High Quality Handmade Baby Accessories Online] - Lajlo
[High Quality Handmade Baby Accessories Online] - Lajlo
[High Quality Handmade Baby Accessories Online] - Lajlo


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  • size: 60x40x15cm (+/- 3 cm)
  • weight approx. 0.5kg
  • height 15cm
  • 100% satin cotton
  • C-shape
  • firm and thick structure 
  • removable cover for easier and faster washing

The pillow allows stable and safe support for both, a child and a mother while feeding. It promotes close and comfortable latching that reduces the tension of the muscles and encourage straight comfortable position while feeding. You can extend its use for your baby's tummy time. Use it during the pregnancy as the neck or the back supporter.

The pillow is strongly recommended by paediatricians and midwives. 


Nursing pillow facilitates and supports natural and bottle feeding. Due to the ergonomic shape, it provides comfort to both: the child and mother. A nursing pillow is a lifesaver in the first weeks and usually stay in use for several months or longer.

The untrained arm can ache and add more stress to already tough and crucial first weeks. It can even worsen your back pain if you keep feeding in an incorrect position. The feeding cushion allows to place the child higher and release the tension of the hands, arm, the shoulder, neck and back. C-shape cut push and adjust the pillow to wrap around the waist to keep comfortable and still position with straight back effortlessly. The C- shaped pillow allows different feeding position. 

The nursing pillow will be accompanying your little one through various stages of early life and support his/her psychomotor development growth. The pad can be used for tummy time, to strengthen the neck muscles, during play time and fun games, giving the baby a sense of closeness and security. The nursing pillow will be there to support your baby first lifting, rolling, sitting and standing.

Extend its usage time and purchase it during the pregnancy period. It will provide you with comfort in sitting and lying. Put it in between your legs when you feel the back tension or use it in the car for your neck support. Early use of the pillow will lock your smell and embrace the feeling of familiarity in addition to the sense of security. This will be a bonus when daddy takes the role of feeding the baby to give you some break from the routine tasks. Your smell will make it much smoother.

The nursing pillow is sawn from the satin cotton that has a more luxurious texture and glossy finish beautiful to look and touch. Satin cotton is used to make such products as luxury bedding and shirts. Our fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX. It is easy to keep clean whether you wash the removable cover only or full set. Both satin cotton fabric and polyester filling do not lose their properties despite repeated washing. The filling has a durable but breathable structure and does not change its properties during repeated washing and use.

Lajlo feeding pillow is 100% Handmade. We can assure you we put attention to every detail. Our nursing pillows do not contain hard elements; they are soft and at the same time elastic and entirely safe for babies.

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  • wash at 40º C
  • iron cotton fabric at a temperature of up to 110º C
  • use delicate detergents
  • do not bleach
  • dry flat
  • do not tumble dry

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