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Mini Pouf


Product description:


Height: 16cm

Width: 60cm

Fabric: 100% Velour

Filler: 100% Styrofoam


Original furniture and accessories may give even an ordinary, plain interior a unique touch. Our Mini Pouf may become a perfect alternative for traditional seats for children, such as chairs, sofas or armchairs. The child may sit on it, play with it, or use it as a footrest. It will always work perfectly.


Our Mini Pouf combines the unique design with the possibility to relax freely, in absolutely comfortable conditions. Its modern design offers an interesting decoration for the child’s bedroom that will highlight its innovative, extraordinary character.  Additionally, the seat has a decorative, woollen pompom attached to the side. It may as well be used in the garden while camping or at a picnic. 


Our Mini Pouf is completely safe for children. The soft fabric is pleasant to touch and does not irritate the children’s skin. The size and shape of the Mini Pouf are also completely safe: there is no risk of falling from a great height or hitting oneself on sharp edges. The deep seat provides additional stability, so that the child may sit comfortably.


The seat is filled with Styrofoam granules and has an additional cover. To wash the external, velour fabric, just unzip it to remove it. Thanks to the Styrofoam granules filling, the bean bag seat perfectly adjusts to the shape of the child’s body, which makes it so comfortable and helps care for the back and health. 


Washing instructions:


  • Wash cover in 30C
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Do not spin dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry


Note: The Styrofoam granules inside the pouf flatten with time. This is a natural process that does not constitute the basis for complaints. Thanks to the zipped inside layer, the granules may be supplemented. To fill the whole seat, about 30 l are needed.