[High Quality Handmade Baby Accessories Online] - Lajlo
[High Quality Handmade Baby Accessories Online] - Lajlo
[High Quality Handmade Baby Accessories Online] - Lajlo


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Size: 80x80cm 

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Swaddle blanket allows safe and comfortable lifting, feeding, nappy changing and cuddling a newborn baby. The blanket is filled with a medium thickness anti-allergic silicon filler to keep your baby warm but not overheat. Swaddling will make your baby feel more secure and help to calm down when over-stimulated. Use it as the duvet, the blanket or the baby mat.   



Babies love to cuddle from the first days of their life. It reminds them of the womb- an environment they lived for the past nine months. Warm, soft and tight. Swaddling techniques mimic that feel and can help babies that crave constant skin to skin contact, find it difficult to settle without the feel and smell of their mum.


Swaddle blankets are as old as the technique itself and come in many forms. This type of swaddle blanket is sometimes called a horn blanket due to the shape and more structured way as oppose to the muslin squares. It is not as tight as the muslin squares. The horn swaddle keeps a new-born in a tight position through surrounding soft walls. It creates a safe and secure environment that your baby knows the most. The little one will feel warm, cosy and comfortable. That is all that you need – an interrupted sleep that builds stronger and healthier baby day by day.


We are proud to say Lajlo have the best swaddle blankets in the UK. We use high-quality cotton, very pleasant to look and touch. Every mother will find an interesting pattern in our shop. Every grandparent, auntie, a friend will love our stylish designs and find something perfect for this special gift. Yep, you’re covered for the baby shower. We’re sure you’ll find something to suit mum’s taste! Are you looking for a more significant gift? Our products come in matching collections

The horn will fit into the lie flat pram and make your baby happy on every journey you take to catch fresh air. Convertible into a blanket when travelling in the car. Just cover your baby asleep in the car seat. Tight ribbon tie will strength your baby small motor skills. No teether in place? Your little one will find something to concentrate. Take it to your friend’s house and use it as the play or changing mat.

There are more attributes to tell you. Antiallergic fillers guarantee no skin rush and 100% cotton cover is soft and breathable. All fabrics are certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® assuring toxin-free environment for your little one. The ribbon can be adjusted to keep your child warmer or looser to give more breathable space for the warmer season. 


Finally, all our products are 100% handmade. We put our hart in each piece and invest the time to create something unique and special.


Instructions for use:

  • wash the washing machine at 40C,
  • iron cotton fabric at a temperature of up to 110C,
  • use delicate detergents,
  • do not use bleaches,
  • do not dry in a tumble dryer.