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Blanket- 75x100cm

Pillow- 30x40cm

Fabrics: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester

Filler: 100% Polyester

Lajlo Blanket & Pillow Set to suit the baby from the first days of life until the age of 5+. The printed side is made of 100% cotton. Cotton is highly breathable and moisture absorbent giving a cool sensation to the skin. The dimpled side often called m inky is produced from super soft 100% polyester. It keeps the skin dry and warm and is recommended for the cooler weather conditions. That is why our blanket is perfect all year rounder. It is filled with the thin layer of the anti-allergic filler to keep your baby warm and cosy. All the fabrics and fillers are certified by Oeko-Tex to give you peace of mind. Your baby will be safe from any harmful dyes and toxic finishing treatments. The set is 100% handmade and will keep your baby happy whether in the cot, stroll or in your arms. Switch the sides accordingly to the need. The blanket is equipped with the colourful ribbons that will keep your little one occupied, will ensure a fun stimulation and support development of the small and large motor skills. The colours of the ribbons may differ from those shown in the pictures.

The blanket perfectly fit in the pushchair, car seat or the cot. It can also be used as the first sensory mat. The filler in the blanket minky side will isolate your baby from the cold surfaces so all family can enjoy the lovely day in the park.



  • machine washable at 40C,
  • spin it law,
  • iron cotton fabric at a temperature of up to 110C,
  • use delicate detergents,
  • do not use bleaches,
  • do not dry in a tumble dryer.