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Product description:


Age: 6-24m +

Material: 100% polyester, waterproof


When you’ve got a weaning baby, messes and spills are truly unavoidable. Allow the Lajlo Waterproof Bibs to make cleanup easier!


This set of 2 Waterproof Bibs lets your child get as messy as they want when they’re exploring the new world of solid foods. Designed to protect your child’s clothing from drools, drips, spills, and food stains, the Lajlo Waterproof Bibs are made of 100% polyester and are super absorbent, so your little one will remain clean and dry the whole time.


Designed for complete protection


Available in two styles—a traditional bib and a full-sleeve style, this set is great for more than just mealtime. The bibs stay flush with your child’s clothing, while the full-sleeve bib features elastic cuffs to make sure spills do fall through the bibs either. So whether it’s sensory play or any creative activity, you can be sure that your baby’s clothes will remain fully clean with Lajlo Waterproof Bibs.


Easy to clean


You’ll never have to worry about removing tough, dried-up stains from your kiddo’s clothing ever again. The extra-large bibs collect all the messes on them and can be cleaned with a single swipe with a damp sponge. You can also gently machine wash it with warm water to thoroughly cleanse it too.


Great for Baby Led Weaning


Ideal for Baby Led Weaning and family meals, you can let your little one eat at their own pace and learn to enjoy each food type without worrying about tiresome clean-up afterwards. Featuring a tie-back design for a comfortable, secure fit, the bibs also keep your baby comfortable, so there will be no fussing either!


Care instructions:


- just wipe with a damp sponge or machine wash at 40 ° C

- do not spin, do not iron

- do not dry in tumble dryers

Clean using warm water - do not use stringent cleaning material as they will harm the vinyl.